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Staff health examination ended smoothly

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Employees in good health is the company's greatest wealth, but also to ensure the stable development of the company, in order to fully and effectively implement the company's welfare system to ensure that all staff to keep abreast of their own health, to better physical condition into work, my company in July 2012 25 - 26 on the animal husbandry and Chang Group of all employees in the headquarters and the Tieling plant for a physical examination.
The physical examination of the project are divided into blood pressure, blood, urine, hepatitis B five, renal function, static ECG, chest, ultrasound (B) and other parts.
8:00 am, in the integrated management of the overall arrangement, the staff in order to carry out various items of physical examination, the entire medical process is simple and convenient, orderly, medical staff attitude is also very warm.
Now with the improvement of people's living standards, unhealthy lifestyles and irrational eating habits led to an increasing number of diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases showed a rising trend year by year, so health problems Neglected.
The company hopes that the majority of employees can pay attention to and remind employees in the hard work, do not forget to exercise, and enhance their physical fitness; the same time, the company will make every effort to create a hygienic, clean work and living environment, To ensure employee health services!


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