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Liaoning Muchang International Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Liaoning Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Co., Ltd.) is a collection of solid wastes including industrial waste, general waste, hazardous chemicals, medical waste collection, transportation, storage, incineration, And recycling of e-waste recycling resources for the main business of the company. Founded in 2001, in the vein of Liaoning Province Industrial Park, an area of ​​65032 square meters. The subsidiaries of the Group are engaged in the operation of sewage treatment facilities and other businesses related to the environmental protection industry and the recycling economy. Under the care and support of all levels of leaders and government departments, Liaoning Muchang International Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd. has become the backbone of the environmental protection industry in Liaoning Province, which is the backbone of Liaoning Province's environmental protection industry. Environmental Protection Agency approved the establishment of the provincial model of hazardous waste disposal enterprises;

Waste electrical and
electronic products
Hazardous waste and industrial solid waste Hazardous Chemicals Recycling and Disposal Medical waste
Operation and management of sewage treatment facilities

Waste electrical and electronic products recycling project, isfrom Liaoning Province Economic Commission approved the establishment of the provincial e-waste disposal project, Liaoning Province, "second Five-Year Plan" project example. In 2010, was included in the temporary list of electronic waste dismantling disposal units,

Industrial solid wastes refer to solid wastes produced in industrial production activities. The negative stockpiling of industrial solid waste not only takes up a large amount of land, but also wastes many human and material resources, and many industrial wastes contain substances that are easily soluble in water,

The term "dangerous chemicals" refers to toxic chemicals and other chemicals that are toxic, corrosive, burning, and combustion-supporting and are harmful to the human body, facilities and the environment. Dangerous Chemical Recycling and Disposal Project is one of the Group's basic projects. Due to its high environmental hazards,

Medical waste centralized disposal project mainly for Tieling and Fushun medical institutions generated medical waste, is the first city to share a medical waste disposal facilities project, not only solved the two cities of medical waste centralized disposal problem, more importantly Through the optimal allocation of resources, saving investment,
Sewage treatment facility operation project is a professional environmental protection project which integrates environmental product development, production, environmental protection engineering design, construction, installation and debugging, operation and management.
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