Cultural activities

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At noon on June 29, 2012, pastor Chang Group hosted the badminton team tournament in Tiexi Siwei badminton club.

Match each elite show style, final many players need continuous fighting, great physical exertion, but everyone on the pitch, even if the score is a lot of, but still the ball fight, never give up, the result is no longer important, this does not give up, hard work of the spirit filled the entire stadium the champion team photo.

Singles match on the personal will and ability, and doubles embodies the cooperation and trust each other, the game not because of lost the ball and complain about to give up, to hear each other comfort and encouragement, as the team final, competition also entered a climax, a rhinoceros and attack, the other party sound defense the scene, wonderful, blue team won the competition finally led by Wang Gangwei and ended, we on your outstanding performance and achievements expressed warm congratulations, also on the Mu Chang Group all staff to express my sincere thanks to the activities of the support, let us look forward to the next race.