About Us

Liaoning Muchang International Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd. (former Liaoning hazardous waste disposal center Co. Ltd.) is a solid waste including industrial waste, waste, hazardous chemicals, medical waste collection, transportation, storage, incineration, landfill, and electronic waste recycling and reuse of resources as the main business of the group.

The company was founded in 2001, is located in the venous industry of Liaoning Province, covers an area of 65032 square meters. Group subsidiary engaged in

Sewage treatment facilities operation and environmental protection industry and circular economy related business.

Leaders at all levels, the government departments concerned, support, after more than ten years of development and accumulation, Liaoning Muchang International Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd. has become the backbone of the environmental protection industry of Liaoning Province, is the provincial hazardous waste demonstration enterprise approved by the Liaoning provincial development and Reform Commission and the environmental Protection Department of Liaoning province disposal; environmental protection department of Liaoning province the specified hazardous waste in Liaoning province environmental pollution disposal of reserves; circular economy demonstration enterprise in Liaoning province; Liaoning province "1025" planning of circular economy the key support enterprise Muchang group in the guiding ideology is based in Liaoning, east north, actively make contributions to environmental protection in three provinces of Northeast China, received recognition and praise from all sectors of society.

Company is located in Shenyang, Tieling, Fushun three City Interchange, Liaoning vein Industrial Park, convenient traffic, is extremely advantageous geographical location.

Mu Chang Group to "environmental, health, responsibility, development, eternal" for the purpose, to "the perfect combination of" talent and technology for the idea, "efficient, communication, cooperation, honesty, understanding", continue to grow and develop as the corporate values, provide the high-quality service for the customer. Realization of harmless, reduction, resource, centralized, safe disposal of Liaoning province all kinds of hazardous waste and general waste.